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Location Finder

Frequently Asked Questions on the Location Finder

Who can benefit from our service www.locationfinder.rlp.de ?

The database allows investors to search for commercial sites that meet their specific selection criteria. It contains sites of supra-regional importance available in Rhineland-Palatinate. 
Regional and local development corporations may register and update available commercial sites in a password-protected area.

How are commercial properties registered?
Regional and local economic development agencies can access a password-protected area by clicking "Login" on the menu bar to register and update available commercial sites.

Is there a charge for this service?
This service is provided free of charge.

How do I contact commercial site providers?
You can get in touch with prospective commercial site providers as well as with the respective ISB contact through the responsible economic development agency whose address is listed under “Contact”; as well as displayed in the details of each commercial property. 

How is sensitive information handled?
Data entered by economic development agencies is saved on the server upon registration and processed for internal purposes only. At no time will personal data be made available to third parties.

What other services does ISB offer to investors?
International and domestic companies can obtain fast and efficient support for their relocation or expansion plans: 
ISB representatives responsible for assisting potential investors offer information on commercial sites available in Rhineland-Palatinate, provide economic data and information on the infrastructure of the state, prepare site analyses, offer information on financing options and available incentives, and provide on-site assistance with development projects. In addition, ISB facilitates and coordinates contacts with public and private institutions in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Contact Person

Petra Backes
Phone +49 (0)6131 6172-1202
Fax +49 (0)6131 6172-1299

Philipp Schultz
Phone +49 (0)6131 6172-1255
Fax +49 (0)6131 6172-1299