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Founding of a new business

In Rhineland-Palatinate every successful business start-up creates three to four new jobs on average.

Services of ISB

The ISB and the KFW Mittelstandsbank (bank for small and medium-sized businesses) support business start-ups with a range of programs. Investments concerning either the start-up phase or the so-called "Existenzsicherungsphase", which is defined as the term of the 5 years following the foundation and ensuring the continuation of the business, are eligible for support.

Essential requirements for receiving a promotion are the professional and commercial qualifications of the company's founder. However, it does not matter whether it's a question of a business start-up or the takeover of an existing company.

In most cases, the programs require the foundation of a so-called "Vollexistenz", which means the existance of an independent business activity, whereas the new entrepreneur acts as associate and owner-manager. 

A company takeover is usually connected with a business start-up; therefore the currently applied programs for business start-ups also take effect in the case of company takeovers.

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